Conference condemns shambolic remploy treatment

Delegates at the annual SNP Conference in Perth have today (Sunday) demanded action from Westminster to save the Remploy factories that are facing closure as a result of the UK Government’s decision to withdraw funding.

A 2009 survey by the GMB – following the last round of Remploy closures - found that only 26% of those who had lost their jobs had found another job, and only 5% of those were better paid than in their Remploy positions.

Remploy factories play a vital role in empowering the disabled employees who work at them, yet workers at Remploy now face the horrendous prospect of losing their jobs at a time when Westminster is making a systematic attack on welfare provision.

Speaking after SNP Conference passed a resolution condemning the appalling treatment of Remploy's staff across Scotland and the UK Government’s shambolic handling of the bidding process, Glasgow SNP MSP Bob Doris said:

"The top priority of the Westminster Government when it comes to the workers at Remploy should have been ensuring that they remain in employment, with their terms and conditions fully protected.

“My experience with the factory in Springburn convinces me that they have failed to look after the workers in both of these respects, through their own utter incompetence.

“In contrast to the complete lack of support that Westminster is providing to disabled people, the SNP Government has taken important steps like encouraging the use of public procurement to help support the important work of social enterprises.

“The treatment of Remploy workers has been shambolic and comes at the same time that the UK Government is carrying out a widespread attack on the welfare provision available to disabled people more generally.

“It’s no wonder that confidence in this process – and in the Westminster Government more generally – is at rock bottom.”