Conference condemns cuts commission plans

SNP Conference has condemned in the strongest possible terms Labour’s Cuts Commission and its aim of rolling back the progress that has been made in Scotland since the start of devolution.

The Commission’s chair Professor Arthur Midwinter has explicitly stated that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to the possible Scottish Government services they will consider taking the axe to.

Conference has given its clear support to some of the most important achievements of the Scottish Parliament, including personal care for the elderly, concessionary travel and education based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay.

Commenting, Chris Stevens of the SNP Trade Union Group said:

“Labour’s decision to abandon the progress that has been made thanks to the Scottish Parliament on so many issues is something that is deeply troubling to people across Scotland.

“At its heart is a rejection of the many things that have been achieved by the Scottish Parliament and which make Scotland distinct from the rest of the UK.

“Johann Lamont’s Cuts Commission might have shocked many people in the Labour party, but it earned her the unequivocal praise of Tories across the UK.

“It is clear that the choice facing Scotland is between moving forwards with the powers of an independent Scotland or rolling back the achievements of devolution if the anti-independence parties get their way.

“The SNP is determined to protect and preserve the social contract that binds Scottish society together, even if others are not.”