Pharmacist insult MSP brought back into line

Labour MSP Jenny Marra has been brought back into line by her party leader following her outspoken attack on community pharmacists.

After Jenny Marra branded some pharmacists, ‘methadone millionaires’ the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) publicly called for an apology and retraction from the MSP.

Representatives from the RPS met with Jenny Marra and her party leader Johann Lamont yesterday afternoon and today released a statement that now claims that Labour “understands their importance”.

Commenting, SNP MSP Mark McDonald said:

“I am glad to see that Labour have now clarified the ridiculous statements they have recently made about the work that community pharmacists do.

“It seems that Jenny Marra has correctly been brought into line by her party leader after the deeply insulting remarks she made.

"The Royal Pharmaceutical Society was understandably furious at her disgraceful comments and from the sound of it has explained the enormously important work that they do in helping to treat drug users.

“It is a shame that while Labour politicians are good at demanding apologies for the Scottish Government, they appear to be incapable of publicly apologising for their own efforts.

“Having made such a misplaced attack and having been unceremoniously brought back into line, I think Jenny Marra should do what any reasonable person would expect and apologise, so that a line can be drawn under this sorry affair.”