Osborne reprimanded for failing to answer question

The Treasury has come under fire from a senior Tory Committee chairman and told to take "immediate steps" to answers questions about the creation of a £50,600 a year anti-independence post.

Twelve questions tabled by SNP MP Mike Weir received an evasive two sentence response from the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander about new post to be located in Scotland.

However, Mr Weir took up the matter with the Commons Procedure Committee, resulting in Chairman Charles Walker MP - who has been investigating ongoing concerns that the UK government is failing to answer parliamentary questions - to write to the Chancellor saying the "response does not provide all the information requested" and demanding that a full response is now given.

Mr Weir said:

"This is a welcome intervention by the Procedures Committee.

"The Treasury has been showing real contempt for taxpayers with their evasiveness on how public money is being spent. What does Westminster have to hide?

"This reprimand is clearly a humiliation for the Chancellor and his Chief Secretary - but the important thing is that we get honest answers over how public resources are being used.

"While the Bank of England cuts its growth forecast and says we could be stuck in a 'low-growth' economy, Mr Osborne is busy concentrating on the creation of an anti-independence spin-doctor in Scotland and keeping the details a secret.

"At a time when the UK Government should be investing to boost the the tragedy is that the only job the Treasury is creating in Scotland is that of spin doctor.

"When you combine how this money is being spent with the secrecy surrounding the new job it is clear that we need the full powers of an independent country to secure job-creating powers that would work in Scotland's interests instead of the interests of a Tory-led UK government."