Observer Van Rompuy story "completely out of date"

The SNP has branded the story in the Observer newspaper today, quoting comments from European Council President Herman Van Rompuy from June 2011, as "completely out of date", and says the only way to secure Scotland's future in the European Union is with a Yes vote in 2014.

The comments used from Mr Van Rompuy are in a Question and Answer session from June 30, 2011 - nearly 18 months before the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement.

Commenting, SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"This story is completely out of date and it is utterly misleading to brand them a 'dramatic intervention' when they were made nearly 18 months ago, before the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement, in a
YouTube Q&A session. This story makes the newspaper look ridiculous.

"With the Edinburgh Agreement we have, for the first time, an agreed and consented process between the UK and Scottish governments, which will have legal status, for Scotland to become an independent country.

"It is the Tories who are threatening Scotland's place in Europe. We want to remain part of the EU but increasingly clearly London doesn't - why should Scotland leave such an important issue to Tories obsessed with isolating the UK from the rest of Europe?

"An independent Scotland will continue in European Union membership, as honorary director general of the European Commission Graham Avery said this week and I look forward to the day Scotland can play a full part in meeting the many challenges facing our interconnected world."