New institute to research youth crime

The launch of a new research institute marks a significant step forward in efforts to find innovative solutions to the problems of youth crime and social exclusion in Scotland.

The Institute for Youth and Community Research will be based within the University of the West of Scotland’s School of Education and will focus on two specific research pillars.

The Centre for Youth Crime, Justice and Deterrence Research will focus its research on gang culture, policing of youth violence and the imprisonment of young offenders. Meanwhile the Centre for Participation, Inclusion and Collaboration will examine the key areas of participative and inclusive education across all age groups.

Commenting after speaking at the launch of the Institute, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:

“The problems of youth offending can be an absolute blight on many communities across Scotland

“If we are to be successful in tackling these problems and the horrendous impact they can have on a local area, we always need to be willing to look at new approaches.

“The research that the Institute for Youth and Community Research will do can help to drive new strategies to tackle these problems.

“This is an exciting development and I look forward to seeing the research that the Institute will generate.”