Darling must stop efforts to bully Commission

Efforts by Alistair Darling to influence the deliberations of the Electoral Commission on Scotland’s referendum question have been branded as “utterly shameless”.

The senior Labour politician has been quoted as describing the question as “skewed” and “another attempt to rig the question” in a broadside that is clearly intended to influence the Electoral Commission’s process.

A substantial majority of the 26,000 respondents to the consultation on the referendum found that the Scottish Government’s proposed wording was clear and understandable.

Commenting, SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said:

“It is utterly shameless of Alistair Darling and other anti-independence politicians to talk up the Electoral Commission at the same time as using every opportunity to try and influence their findings.

“It does not say much for their trust in the Electoral Commission if the anti-independence campaign is determined to dictate to them what their findings should be.

“Instead of trying to bully the Electoral Commission into giving him what he wants, Alistair Darling should back off and let them do their job.

“The Electoral Commission has a set procedure for examining the fairness of questions and will report back to the Scottish Parliament – that’s the way it should be, and Mr Darling should have respect for that process.

“The fact of the matter is that decisions affecting Scotland are best taken by the people of Scotland, who by definition care the most about what happens here. That is the inescapable truth to which the anti-independence campaign simply has no response.”