Alex Salmond welcomes Radical Indy conference

SNP Leader Alex Salmond has today welcomed the Radical Independence conference taking place in Glasgow.

Speaking on Northsound radio Mr Salmond said:

“As the largest party in Scotland the SNP is the anchor of the independence cause, however we know and welcome that the journey to independence is not just about political parties but also about the growing independence movement.

“We welcome voices to the left of the SNP’s social democratic position speaking up in favour of independence - just as we welcomed the creation of Labour for Independence and welcome support for independence from the entrepreneurial and more free-market perspective.

“The strong range of Scottish opinions arguing for a yes vote is both beneficial and expected – and of course it highlights that post-independence the people of Scotland will have the opportunity to choose from a range of political perspectives and parties.

“In many ways the right to choose our own government and priorities is the very essence of independence for Scotland.”