Temp staff costs rocketed 99.8% under Jim Murphy

An FOI obtained by the SNP has revealed the extent of public money to pay temporary staff at the Scotland Office – particularly under the last labour Government when Jim Murphy was Secretary of State for Scotland.

The amount spent on temporary staff jumped by 99.8% between 2007-08 and  2009-10.

Commenting on this , SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson, said:
"At a time when household budgets are under real pressure, revelations over how wasteful Westminster has been with taxpayers’ money are an absolute scandal.
"Serious questions must be asked about what temporary staff were brought in to do - and the first of those questions should be raised with Jim Murphy who allowed these costs to spiral.

"Indeed, the Scotland Office has been neither use nor ornament for some time, its very relevance is diminishing daily as the debate about Scotland constitutional future takes centre stage.
"It is clearly a waste of space and money, and should be abolished.”

"When it comes to efficiency, Westminster needs to take a leaf out of the Scottish Government’s book. The SNP Government has pursued a vigorous programme of efficiency and public sector reform that is delivering results and driving improvements.
"The savings made in Scotland are being reinvested in the public sector to deliver frontline services or lever in new efficiencies. This is a level of delivery that wasteful Westminster should learn from."

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