SNP forms administration in Midlothian

The SNP has formed a historic coalition administration in Midlothian, following the result in Thursday’s election when Scotland's most popular political party achieved the same number of councillors as the Labour Party.

SNP Group Leader Lisa Beattie has confirmed that independent Peter De Vink is has gone into a formal coalition with the eight SNP councillors and Ian Baxter, Midlothian's Green Councillor, has agreed support for the SNP-led council.

This will now be the first time in living memory that Midlothian has been run by anyone other than the Labour party, who have been in power in some shape or form for 84 years.

Councillor Beattie highlighted just how great an opportunity this was for Midlothian to move forward.

She said:

“This is a landmark result for Midlothian, where Labour was in power since time immemorial. Our positive campaign and vision for Midlothian has put us into the driving seat in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

“For a long time the SNP had no presence at all in one of Labour’s traditional mining heartlands – now we will lead the council and the people of Midlothian into a brighter future.

“We will offer the people who live in the towns and villages here a real community engagement promise and work in partnership with them and with the SNP Government to improve the area.

“I am confident the breadth and depth of professional skills across the SNP led Coalition will be well equipped to deliver for Midlothian.

“I am absolutely delighted to be in this position – we will work to give the people of Midlothian the council that they deserve.”

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