Questions for Labour over Tory pacts

Labour's commitment to progressive politics is in question after the party formed even more formal coalitions with the Tory party in councils across Scotland says the SNP.

SNP MSP for South Scotland, Chic Brodie, who represents South Ayrshire where one of these formal coalitions is in place said Labour had also betrayed their voters with their decision to form administrations with the Tories in local authorities across Scotland.

Labour is forming pacts with the Tories in Aberdeen City, East Lothian, East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Inverclyde, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and Stirling.

With the Tories driving cuts in spending, pursuing damaging reform of the welfare system that will hit vulnerable people across the country and refusing to invest in growing the economy, SNP MSP Chic Brodie highlighted how Labour's election rhetoric did not meet the reality.

Mr Brodie said:

"For Labour voters across the country the growing number of Tory-Labour pacts in councils across Scotland are a real betrayal of what they voted for. Scotland's councils need progressive partnerships to protect people from the Westminster imposed cuts not these deals that defy the Labour rhetoric.

"The decision to go into partnership with the party who are cutting disability benefits and refusing to invest in jobs and growth across the country is a kick in the teeth to those people suffering the effects of those Tory cuts and makes a mockery of Labour's claims to stand against the coalition's cuts agenda.

"Voters in Scotland clearly rejected the coalition parties yet Labour is giving them a lifeline when they only won 9% of the councillors in Scotland.

"Labour voters didn't expect their votes would be used to let the Tories in the back door to form council administrations with Labour.

"Labour agree with the Tories on blocking new powers for Scotland as well increasingly converging with them on the economy and spending cuts at Westminster.

"With a few notable exceptions it is becoming clearer that Labour is more keen on protecting Westminster power and control than protecting people from Tory led Westminster cuts.

"What Scotland needs are progressive partnerships focussed on jobs, growth and local communities - not dodgy deals with the Tories."