Police chief urges May to follow Scotland's lead

As Theresa May was heckled at the Police Federation conference for saying officers will need to take a “share” of government cuts, the SNP has reiterated its commitment that it will not impose the Winsor package in Scotland.

At the conference, Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, also urged the Home Secretary to follow in Scotland’s lead.

He said: “Not only do our Scottish colleagues have the support of their government, they have no Winsor, they have no professional body and no loss in police officers – but what they do have had is a fall in crime.”

Justice Committee member, John Finnie, SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands and a former police officer, said:

“Gone are the days for a Tory Home Secretary to receive a standing ovation at the Police Federation conference – this is utterly embarrassing for Theresa May.

“And this negative reception is in stark contrast to the standing ovation Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill received as he addressed the Scottish Police Federation last month.

“That is because of our commitment to protecting frontline staff and the fact we have engaged constructively with members of the Scottish Police Federation on our plans for a single police force.

“We will not implement Mrs May’s Winsor package in Scotland.

“Mr Mckeever’s comments are extremely positive and the Home Secretary would do well to heed his advice.

“It is also disturbing to see Yvette Cooper boasting that Labour would only cut the police budget by 12 per cent.

“The SNP is protecting police spending and is taking decisions in the best interests of police officers and Scotland’s communities.”