Osborne more unpopular within Tories than Lib Dems

As the chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility rubbishes George Osborne’s tax cut and pension reform, Tory members have ranked the Chancellor more unpopular than Lib Dem ministers Michael Moore and Danny Alexander.

The Conservative Home website’s poll of Tory members gave Osborne a disastrous poll rating of just 5% compared to Alexander’s 44% and Moore’s 8%.

The poll comes as the Office for Budget Responsibility chairman Robert Chote rubbished the Chancellor’s 50p tax cut and pension reform.

In an interview with The Guardian, Mr Chote said:

“We didn't feel that there was a strong enough evidence base to say our long-term or medium-term view of the economy is now more optimistic than it was beforehand as a result of that measure (cutting 50p top rate of tax).”

And he said current spending on public sector pensions was sustainable in the long-term and said the public finances as a whole would come under pressure in years to come, but the current pension regime was "not where the problem is coming from".

SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Jamie Hepburn said:

“This is hugely embarrassing for the Chancellor who is now more unpopular with his own members than Danny Alexander and Michael Moore.

“This disastrous poll is not only an embarrassment for Mr Osborne but also for the Prime Minister, whose ratings also dropped markedly.

“These ratings are an unmitigated disaster for David Cameron and the Chancellor – particularly the fact Mr Osborne is less popular among Tory members than two Lib Dems.

“Mind you an endorsement from Tory members can’t be much better for Alexander and Moore who are clearly becoming more Tory by the day.

“It is no wonder that Mr Osborne’s ratings have slumped – his policies as a Chancellor are catastrophic which has been recognised by his own independent forecaster-in-chief.

“Robert Chote has said cutting the top 50p top rate of tax has not had an impact on the economy. And he even said the problems for public finances are not coming from public sector pensions and that the current spending was sustainable in the long-term.

“Mr Osborne should listen to this opinion and think again on his policy on public sector pensions.

“What this poll and Mr Chote’s interview highlights is that the Tories are in complete disarray.”