No campaign highlights another Tory-Labour pact

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson says Labour’s commitment to progressive politics has been questioned yet again after the unionist’s No campaign highlighted yet another Tory-Labour pact.

It is revealed in today’s Herald that a six-strong committee will lead the No campaign – including Labour’s Anas Sarwar and the Tories’ David McLetchie.

Mr Gibson, SNP MSP for Cunninghame North, said:

“Not only has Labour united in pacts in councils across Scotland with the Tories, it is also going into partnership with them in its No campaign.

“The message is loud and clear – you vote Labour, you get a Tory. This is a real betrayal for Labour supporters across the country.

“The anti-independence parties have already got off to a bad start, with a top Tory saying this week an independent Scotland is an “inevitability”. Lord Fraser’s comments were hugely embarrassing for Ruth Davidson.

“But what is more disturbing is that Labour is aligning itself with the Tories not just on coalitions across Scotland, but also on the future of our country.

“Instead of uniting in these pacts, Labour should see an independent Scotland as an opportunity.

“An independent Scotland would allow Labour to put the people of Scotland first – not towing to the London party line.

“Scotland is moving forward and it is time for the Labour party to do the same.”