Labour's 'hypocritical humbug' over hacking

Labour has been accused of ‘hypocritical humbug’ over their failure to act on the News of the World hacking scandal. After it emerged that the home and mobile telephone numbers of SNP MSP Joan McAlpine were hacked by News of the World, SNP Home Affairs spokesperson Pete Wishart MP questioned why Labour had not acted when the revelations first emerged.

Mr Wishart said:

“This is hypocritical humbug from Labour. The whole phone hacking scandal happened on their watch and they chose to do absolutely nothing about it.

“Glenn Mulcaire’s notebooks were seized well before the SNP won the election in 2007. Labour were in power both at Westminster and Holyrood at that time.

“They were clearly content to let phone hacking take place and the privacy of Joan McAlpine and others be violated. They could have chosen to uphold the law, but manifestly failed to do so.

“Bizarrely, they failed even to warn Jack McConnell that his phone appeared to have been hacked. He seems only to have been informed recently – years after this allegedly took place.

“This begs questions about what Gordon Brown knew at the time he was Prime Minister. If he did, know why did he not tell such a close political colleague as Jack McConnell what was going on? And if he didn’t, then why was he so woefully out of touch?

“It is only since the Crown Office asked Strathclyde Police last year to investigate the Scottish end of this grubby affair that these revelations have come to light.

“For years, Labour have tried to bury this scandal. It is now returning to haunt them.”