SNP MSPs have hailed the ‘historic’ results in Dundee and Angus, where the SNP has secured its first ever council majorities under the current electoral system.

In Dundee, where every one of the 16 candidates put forward by the SNP was elected,
Dundee West MSP Joe Fitzpatrick said:

“This truly is historic for the SNP in Dundee. I am absolutely thrilled that my home city has voted clearly to become an SNP city.

"In 2007 the SNP held no majorities. I am pleased Angus and Dundee have delivered the first two majority administrations for the SNP.

"We have a strong track record since taking over as a minority, and voters come out today and given us a strong vote of confidence.

“I want to pay tribute to all the SNP candidates who have achieved this. They worked night and day for this result, and I know they will work night and day to give this city the council administration it deserves."

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey said:

“We took nothing for granted in this election and worked hard for every vote. Our positive message based around jobs and families went down well on the doorsteps.

"I am absolutely delighted by this result."

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