Fires fall 20% in five years

A drop in fires attended by Fire and Rescue services of nearly 20% between 2006-07 and 2010-11 has been welcomed by SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell.
The figures (atatched) obtained in a parliamentary answer from Roseanna Cunningham MSP - in reply to Mr Maxwell’s question – reveal a fall in each of Scotland’s nine Fire and Rescue Service areas with a 19.8% nationwide drop.
Mr Maxwell, MSP for West of Scotland, is a seasoned campaigner against the causes of house fires who has since 2004 fought for the introduction of RIP cigarettes (fire safe cigarettes) which were introduced in 2011 across the EU.
He said:
"I am very encouraged that over the last five years the number of fires in Scotland has fallen by almost 20%. 
"This is a substantial decrease and I am very pleased indeed that the trend is apparent all over the country.  There is no fire service which has not seen a significant drop in the number of fires which it has had to tackle in the last five years. 
"This shows that the good work carried out by firefighters all over the country to educate the public in fire safety is paying off.
"These figures represent not only a decrease in the misery and danger to life caused by fires but also a great saving in financial terms."