Best ever council result for the SNP



Alex Salmond has hailed the success of the SNP's local government election campaign, with the SNP having won more councillors, more gains and the biggest share of the vote.

At 424 councillors, the SNP have gained 61 councillors since 2007, doubling its lead in terms of council seats over Labour.

In addition, the SNP is now the largest Party on 11 local authorities - with Dundee and Angus giving the SNP its historic first overall majorities under PR.

The SNP have also made gains in Labour strongholds across Scotland - including Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and have now pulled level in Clackmannanshire and Midlothian.

On the basis of analysis of first preference voting figures from 305 out of 353 wards, the SNP is projecting to have won 32.7% of the vote, ahead of Labour on 31.5%, meaning that the SNP is set to emerge with the largest share of the vote for the first time in its history.

Congratulating the new Councillors from Angus and Dundee today, Mr Salmond said:

"On every indicator, the SNP has had its best ever council result. We have more councillors and more gains than any other party - doubling our seats advantage over Labour.

"We have become the largest Party in more councils across Scotland - including our first ever overall majorities.

"And we also look set to have won the overall share of the vote in a local government election for the first time in our history.

"This has all come about as a result of the positive message that SNP Councillors gave voters on the doorsteps - councils working for jobs, for families and for fairness.

"While the Westminster coalition parties were given a mauling north and south of the Border, the SNP as the incumbent party of government in Scotland since 2007 have just won another election - an extraordinary achievement.

"Any way you look at our result, it is a landmark achievement for the SNP, who are the only Party who can claim to be the party of all of Scotland - north and south, east and west, rural and urban."



Vote share - Based on analysis of actual share of first preferences in 305 out of 353 wards, the results are projected as follows:

SNP - 32.7%
Lab - 31.5%
Con - 13.3%
Lib Dem - 6.4%
Green - 2.4%
Ind - 11.8%
Oth - 1.9%

Councillor gains - the SNP have gained 61 seats across 24 councils, and at 424 councillors it now has 30 more than Labour, compared to 15 in 2007

Largest Party - The SNP is now the largest party on 11 councils: North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, Stirling, Moray, Aberdeenshire, Perth & Kinross, Argyll & Bute, Highland, Western Isles, and overall majorities in Dundee and Angus. The SNP is also now the joint largest Party in Midlothian and Clackmannanshire

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