E.on and RWE ditch UK nuclear

Reacting to news that E.on and RWE are to pull out of nuclear power in the UK, SNP Westminster Energy and Climate Change spokesperson Mike Weir MP said the situation demonstrated the fallacy of UK Government’s
energy policy.

Mr Weir said:

“Despite the UK government bending over backwards to rig the market in favour of nuclear power the decision by these companies to pull out shows at nuclear power is simply not the answer to our energy needs.

“It is noteworthy that E.on has decided instead to invest heavily in new offshore renewable energy. That eloquently demonstrates that the future lies in renewable energy to provide a clean green future and true energy security.

“The SNP Scottish Government has led the way by rejecting nuclear and setting a 100 per cent renewable target for Scotland's own electricity use. The UK government should now follow this lead and abandon plans for expensive and unsustainable nuclear expansion.

“It would be a massive betrayal if instead they were to throw yet more money at the last companies prepared to pursue nuclear expansion.”