SNP Environment and Climate Change Spokesperson Mike Weir MP called for clarity from the UK Government over its plans to tackle climate change beyond the disappointing outcomes of the Rio conference on sustainable development.
Mr Weir questioned the UK Government on their plans, and specifically whether they would follow the Scottish Government’s lead and establish a Climate Justice Fund, following a statement this afternoon (Tuesday) from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the UN’s Rio conference. The Deputy Prime Minister has acknowledged the limits of the Rio declaration and urged us to “strive to surpass its expectation” but has not given any clarity over how this would be done.
In his response to Mr Weir, the Minister referred to groups and discussions already underway but provided no commitment to additional real action and money to help those already directly affected by Climate Change.  
Mr Weir said:
“Given the disappointing outcome of Rio it is vital that developed nations show by example how they intend to tackle climate change.
“The Scottish Government is leading the world with its tough statutory targets to tackle our carbon footprint. Scotland is also the first nation to establish a climate justice fund - demonstrating Scotland’s role in championing climate justice and supporting the development of appropriate climate adaptation solutions
“It is disappointing that the UK Government has not taken this opportunity to outline some concrete plans to demonstrate its own commitment goes beyond the Rio declaration.
“Instead of more bureaucratic discussions we need real action to tackle those already affected by climate change around the world.”