Two thirds of Unite members want devo max option

Two thirds of one of Labour’s biggest trade union backers want a devo max option on the ballot paper in 2014, a poll has found.

A survey shows 62 per cent of Unite Scotland’s members replied "yes" when asked if they wanted the devo max option.

Unite supported both Johann Lamont and Ed Miliband in their leadership bids, while a quarter of Labour’s MSPs – including Ms Lamont - are members of the union.

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who was convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Scotland Bill Committee, said:

“This poll is a huge blow to the anti-independence campaign and shows how out of touch Johann Lamont has become with her core support.

“Ms Lamont herself was backed by Unite in her leadership contest, while a quarter of her MSP colleagues are members of the union.

“There is a real debate to be had about bringing proper job-creating powers to the Scottish Parliament - but rather than listening to the strong support for a devo max option from Unite members, Ms Lamont and her party is forming an alliance with the Tories against any constitutional change.

“This is not what Unite members voted for when they supported her leadership bid.

“The question has to be asked – if Johann Lamont isn’t even listening to her own supporters any more, who exactly is she listening to?

“The splits and divisions within the anti-independence parties are failing the people of Scotland who want to hear a strong debate on the constitution – not this negative approach refusing to listen to the voices of people across the country.”