Tram company directors must forego pay-off

An SNP MSP is calling for the directors of Edinburgh’s tram company TIE to forego their pay-offs totally £406,635, saying “there must be no reward for failure”.

Commenting on figures released by Edinburgh City Council, Jim Eadie, MSP for Edinburgh Southern, said:

“It is right that the details of the severance payments have been published.

“Over £400,000 in pay-offs is a slap in the face of the people of this city.

“They will be aghast that after years of disruption and delay that public officials responsible for the catalogue of mistakes and incompetence will walk away with golden goodbyes.

“That the tram project has made real progress since TIE was scrapped is a sure sign of just how bad these directors were.

“The mismanagement of the development is a matter of public record, which will rightly be investigated once we have made more progress, but at a time when many hard working people in Edinburgh are struggling to pay their bills, it is totally unacceptable that individuals associated with a discredited Trams project should be remunerated in this way.

“The very least that should happen now is for the individuals concerned to forego these generous payments – there must be no reward for failure.

“Of course that would require a sensitivity to public opinion and a sense of decency which has been in short supply until now.”

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