Taxes to be determined by the people of Scotland

SNP MSP Mark McDonald has welcomed today’s Scottish Government announcement of the establishment of Revenue Scotland, following the devolution of some taxation powers to the Scottish Parliament in the Scotland Act 2012.

The new agency will collect tax more efficiently than Westminster and deliver significant savings to the public purse and - most importantly - decisions on the future of Scotland’s taxes will be made by the people of Scotland.

Mr McDonald, SNP MSP for North East Scotland and member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee, said:

“This is a hugely significant day for the Scottish Parliament. Although the fiscal powers devolved in the Scotland Act fall way short of what is required, the establishment of Revenue Scotland to oversee these means that, for the first time, the decisions surrounding those taxes will be taken by those who care about Scotland most – the people of Scotland.

“Revenue Scotland and Registers of Scotland will deliver a service of tax collection that is more efficient and better value for money, with savings of millions of pounds for the public purse.

“The SNP Government is saving the Scottish taxpayer money with efficient collection and treating the taxpayer fairly with a move to progressive taxation. No one likes the current system of stamp duty and the Scottish Government is right to get rid of it. Just imagine what we could achieve if all of the taxes collected in Scotland were being used to the benefit of Scotland.

“It is only right that the people of Scotland determine their own taxes and I would encourage as many people as possible to take part in the consultation on the proposed Land and Building Transaction Tax.

“It is deeply disappointing that the opposition parties could not find a way to welcome a move to progressive taxation that will help those at the lower end of the market, save the taxpayer money and put the powers parliament has to good use.

“What Scotland needs is the full powers of independence to help us fully make Scotland more successful and improve the lives of the people who live here.”