SNP welcome fall in homeless rate

An SNP Government-backed scheme is helping reduce the number of people being made homeless – demonstrating why decisions should be made in Scotland.

Maureen Watt, convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure Committee and SNP MSP for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine, said the figures are testament to the hard work by local councils and partners.

Compared with 2010-11, the largest reductions in homeless applications are in Aberdeen City by -56%, Falkirk by -49%, Highland by -40%, Scottish Borders by -37%, East Lothian by -35% and Stirling by -35%

Ms Watt said:

“In Scotland there has been a reduction of 19 per cent in homeless applications and a 15% fall in households assessed as either homeless or threatened with homelessness.

“The fall can be put down to good partnership working between central and local government and we should praise the hard work and dedication of council staff in developing services to help Scotland’s homeless.

“These are welcome figures that show the SNP’s Scottish Housing Options Approach scheme is making a positive impact.

“We have backed the programme with investment of £500,000 and announced an additional £150,000 in April.”

“While David Cameron plans to cut welfare benefits, the SNP is working with local authorities to get ever closer to reaching our target that, by the end of 2012, all unintentionally homeless people will be entitled to settled accommodation.

“This simply demonstrates why decisions are best taken for Scotland by those who are 100% elected by people in Scotland."

The figures can be found here