Recognition from Desmond Tutu on climate justice

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has congratulated the people of Scotland on the Scottish Government’s plans to mark Mandela Day on 18July, the birthday of Nelson Mandela. Working with Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA Scotland), the Scottish Government hopes to see Mandela day become an annual event.

The Scottish Government’s leading role in tackling climate change and championing the cause of climate justice around the world was praised by Archbishop Tutu as being ‘very much in the spirit of Mandela Day’.

Action for Southern Africa is the successor organisation to the anti-apartheid movement and seeks to build upon the enduring legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Commenting on Archbishop Tutu’s video message, SNP MSP Clare Adamson said:

“Archbishop Desmond Tutu is an individual that has inspired people around the world and his recognition of the work that is being done in Scotland in pursuit of climate justice is truly humbling.

“I am delighted that people across Scotland are set to mark Mandela day to honour the extraordinary life of Nelson Mandela. His life has involved incredible efforts to make the world a better place and it is right that Scotland seeks to follow his truly inspirational example.

“This recognition of the efforts of people in Scotland to support some of the poorest communities around the world affected by climate change is one that we should be proud of. It should inspire us to redouble our efforts and I know that the Scottish Government will not let up in its determination to tackle climate change and pursue the cause of climate justice.”