No campaign slips at the first hurdle

The SNP is today (Friday) criticising the anti-independence “No” campaign following Lord Michael Forsyth claiming on BBC Question Time that the Queen has a political agenda and would fight to stop Scotland becoming an independent country.

Lord Forsyth, a pre-devolution Secretary of State for Scotland and Tory MP, said The Queen and Royal Family would “move heaven and earth to maintain a United Kingdom.”

SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell described the Tory Lord’s comments as preposterous and ill-judged.

He said:

"What an embarrassment for the anti-independence camp, this really is a gaffe of gargantuan proportions just weeks before the re-launching of their campaign.

"It is also extremely insulting – both to the people of Scotland and to the Royal Family - to suggest that the Royal Family would interfere in the politics of the nations of the British Isles.

"It must be a nightmare for Labour grassroots supporters, having to watch the Tory-led anti-independence campaign as the Labour leader in Scotland backs the same anti-independence message as Michael Forsyth. Labour people must be squirming with embarrassment, and will have watched last night’s Question Time through their fingers.

"Scaremongering is the only card the anti-independence parties have as they are unable to present a coherent positive case for the staus-quo.

"The people of Scotland are looking at a choice between the pro-independence movement and the Westminster led ultra-negative No parties – I am confident that the people of Scotland will make the right choice at the referendum in 2014."

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