Hunterston - MSP welcomes power plant withdrawal

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson has welcomed news that Ayrshire Power has withdrawn its planning application for a new coal-fired station at Hunterston.

Over 21,000 objections were made, with concerns over health implications, the impact on the local environment and tourism economy and questions over the capacity of Ayrshire Power to deliver carbon capture at the site raised.

The Cunninghame North MSP, whose constituency covers the Hunterston site, has campaigned for Ayrshire Power to pull the plug on the plans.

Mr Gibson said:

“I am delighted that Ayrshire Power Limited has now seen sense, cut their losses and withdrawn their application.

“The position of the local community has always been clear – a coal-fired station is neither wanted nor needed.

“As I have said on many previous occasions, their inability to fund this unwanted project meant it was dead in the water and no more economically viable than it was environmentally acceptable.

“Ayrshire Power Ltd’s decision at this time saves everyone from the Public Local Inquiry that loomed this winter and their withdrawal prior to commencement of that is therefore appreciated.

“I note they will consider their future options but I believe we have now seen the last coal-fired proposal at Hunterston.”