Westminster approach to immigration has failed

Following a report by the Westminster Home Affairs Committee which stated that foreign students should be exempted from wider targets on immigration, the SNP is calling on Westminster to adopt a sensible approach to immigration.

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, has recently met with representatives from Scotland’s Colleges to discuss how the existing rules stripped institutions of their highly trusted sponsor status and is leaving students in limbo.

Speaking in Kelvin, which has the highest concentration of students of any constituency across Scotland, Ms White echoed calls of Scottish Universities and Colleges, saying:

“A one size fits all approach to immigration adopted by the UK Government has failed Scotland – the big decisions on this country’s future including immigration should be made here in Scotland.

"This flawed policy not only adversely affects both our colleges and the students that come here to study, to be told after one year of study they cannot continue is a devastating blow to both. The UK Government must act now to end this.

"The SNP welcome students being taken out of the immigration figures, but Scotland needs a sensible immigration policy that is driven by Scotland’s economic aspirations, not by the latest whim of the UK Government.

"The Home Office must work with Scotland’s colleges and universities to ensure minimal disruption to students’ studies.”

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