A tale of two Governments as crime falls under SNP

The SNP has reiterated its commitment that it will not implement Theresa May’s Winsor package in Scotland, as police in England raise fears that the UK’s budget cuts will affect their ability to deal with any future riots.

The claims are laid out in detail in the second part of Reading the Riots, a joint study by the Guardian and London School of Economics.

Some 130 officers of all ranks participated in the study, where police say they expect a repeat of the riots that spread across England last summer.

Meanwhile, police across England and Wales have this week been voicing fears that cuts to frontline officers could have a “serious and adverse impact” on public safety, amid claims that “morale is really low.”

Glasgow SNP Humza Yousaf has said this is just one of the reasons why it is better for these decisions to be taken by people in Scotland.

Mr Yousaf, a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee, said:

“The difference between policing north and south of the border could not be more stark.

“In Scotland, the Scottish Government has increased police officers by 1200 - crime in Scotland is at a 37-year low, fear of crime is down, and the risk of being a victim of crime is falling.

“Meanwhile, the Tories are cutting police numbers by 16,000 across England and Wales – and from north to south, police officers are making it clear that this is putting public safety at risk.

“The chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales has previously urged the Home Secretary to follow in Scotland’s lead, but she has ignored his pleas.

“We also had the strange situation where Labour’s shadow Home Secretary boasted to the Police Federation conference that they wanted cuts of only 12%.”

Mr Yousaf added:

“Ms May should follow in Scotland’s lead, where we are empowering local communities to have a greater input into their local services.

“The Scottish Government is listening and responding to the needs of its police, and this is paying dividends.

“Thank goodness that our police service is already independent – otherwise the Tories would be inflicting these devastating cuts on Scottish police as well.”