Scots top happiest area in UK

Commenting on figures published today by ONS showing life satisfaction and wellbeing levels are higher in Scotland than in England and Wales, Dr Alasdair Allan, for SNP MSP Na h-Eileanan an Iar, which is the happiest area in the UK, said:

“The SNP is committed to improving the lives of every single person in Scotland, so these statistics are to be welcomed.

“The figures show that overall life satisfaction and wellbeing levels are higher in Scotland than the position south of the Border.

“It is fantastic to hear that the majority of people living here feel positive about their lives – but we must not be complacent, and there are areas of real difficulty in Scotland.

“That is why the SNP Government is dedicated to improving people’s wellbeing through our commitments to free personal care, caring for carers, tackling child poverty and fuel poverty and freezing council tax.

“The people of Scotland have benefitted from free prescriptions, the implementation of a living wage where government has responsibility, our commitment to free higher education, enhancing childcare provision to be the best in the UK, and delivering record low waiting times.

“In comparison, the UK Tory Government has increased tuition fees, helped the rich with tax cuts, while hitting vulnerable people through unfair cuts such as withdrawing disability living allowance.

“It is clear that decisions should be taken by the Scottish Parliament 100% elected directly elected by people in Scotland – not a Tory-run Westminster government, which was rejected by people across Scotland.

“The anti-independence parties must explain why they think we are better under the Tories than making decisions for ourselves in Scotland.”