Questions for Labour over Tory domination

The scale of Tory domination over the strategy of the anti-independence campaign has been laid bare by revelations over the extent to which the LibDems have been side-lined.

An article in today’s Times has revealed that David Cameron’s advisers briefed the press over threats that Westminster would seize control of Scotland’s referendum without consulting their LibDem partners. A LibDem source also revealed that “there is a lot of string-pulling from Downing Street, but they end up making policies on the hoof without discussing them properly first”.

The fact that the Tories did not discuss the threats they would make over the referendum with their LibDem partners also raises serious questions over whether they were discussed with the Labour Party. SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson has written to Alasdair Darling to ascertain whether Labour is backing moves for Westminster to seize control of the referendum.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“The fact that the Tories do not understand Scotland is no surprise to anyone, but the revelation that they are dictating the approach of the anti-independence parties to the referendum is seismic.

“Labour must make clear why they are happy to be in an anti-independence coalition which is clearly being directed, funded and managed by the Tories.

“Did Labour support the Tories plans for Westminster to seize control of the referendum? Was Alasdair Darling, as head of the No campaign, briefed about these plans?

“People in Scotland deserve the truth so I’m writing to Alistair Darling to ascertain the extent to which Labour is content to let Tories from Westminster run the campaign.

“Labour party members must be deeply uneasy over their alliance with the Tories as their Westminster cabal seizes more and more influence over the anti-independence campaign.”