No campaign humiliation on referendum 'question'

The anti-independence parties have today been left red-faced after it emerged the independent Electoral Commission has thrown out their attempts to hijack the referendum process.

Just a day after the anti-independence parties announced they were to draft a question for the independence referendum and submit it to the Electoral Commission for testing, the Commission has said it is not prepared to look at such a question – confirming that it is for the Scottish Government to make proposals.

Commenting, SNP Campaigns Director Angus Robertson said:

“This is an utter humiliation for the Tories and the rest of the anti-independence parties, whose ham-fisted attempts to hijack the referendum process have fallen flat at the first hurdle.

“The Electoral Commission has made clear that it is for the Scottish Government to propose the question and the Scottish Parliament to approve it, which is exactly what is happening.

“It was embarrassing enough to see Ruth Davidson trying to back out of describing the Scottish Government’s proposed question as ‘fair and decisive’ but now we see her attempts to propose another question completely discredited.

“This is a boomerang for the anti-independence parties who tried to narrow people’s options in the referendum before we’ve even seen the outcome of the Scottish Government’s consultation.

“The Tory-led cabal which Labour and the LibDems have signed up to will not hijack Scotland’s referendum. It will be the people of Scotland who will decide Scotland’s future and will not be fooled by this Tory-led campaign.”