MSP calls for action on Kettleholm Broadband speed

South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has written to BT calling for the upgrade of broadband services in Kettleholm to be given priority as a result of the appallingly low internet speeds experienced by residents in the village.

The poor broadband speed in Kettleholm means that it can take up to 8,425 hours to download simple software updates and even completing an internet speed test can take over six minutes.

The residents of Kettleholm have become a sensation on YouTube with a video highlighting their need to rely on alternative methods of communication; from carrier pigeon to pony express. Whilst their video is laced with humour, the effect on the local community is far from trivial.

Following a meeting with some of the local residents, the SNP MSP has written to BT calling on them to make finding a solution to the problem a matter of priority.

Commenting, Ms McAlpine said:

“The poor connection speeds that residents of Kettleholm have to suffer are absolutely ludicrous. Clearly a solution has to be found that will allow people in the village to access the fast broadband services they are paying for.

“Fast internet connections are essential to so many aspects of our lives and daily business. That is why the SNP Government is determined to see broadband reach every corner of Scotland.

“As the only wholesale provider in the area, BT has a responsibility to provide an adequate level of service to residents in Kettleholm. I hope that they will take heed of their situation and come up with a timetable for delivering a workable solution for Kettleholm.”