Labour's folly highlighted by academic

The Labour Party in Scotland’s refusal to address the issue of independence has been heavily criticised by a leading academic.
Dr Mark McNaught, an Associate Professor of US civilisation at the University of Rennes 2 in France, said:
“Scotland, as a relatively small state, could potentially come closer to a pure democratic ideal than any other country in history. In fact, this is the only way it could possibly work in the long term.
“While comprehensible, their reticence to constructively engage could prove disastrous for them were independence to be achieved, and constitute a missed opportunity.
“Regardless of their (Labour’s) position on independence, they should seriously consider entering a dialogue on the content of a constitution in the event that ‘yes’ prevails.”
Christina McKelvie MSP, who has written to Johann Lamont calling for Labour to be fair to its grass roots members and have a full, robust and open debate on independence following the creation of “Labour for Independence”, a  pro-Scottish independence group with Labour, welcomed the comments from Dr McNaught.
She said:
“Dr McNaught’s analysis is most welcome and is further evidence that Johann Lamont must not simply dismiss the Labour for Independence movement.
“Labour’s Richard Baker MSP is exactly right when he says ‘Labour members have the right to bring policy suggestions to conference where they can be debated’.
“I only hope the party leaders agree with him and allow this debate to happen.
“People like Dr McNaught and Allan Grogan - the Labour party member in Angus who started ‘Labour for Independence’ - are by no means alone.  They are committed Labour people who also see merits of an independent Scotland, and their position should surely be fully and properly debated within Scottish Labour.”