Labour must have a real debate on independence

The SNP is today urging Johann Lamont and the Labour leadership in Scotland to have a full, robust and open debate on independence within the membership of their party.
This follows the SNP and Yes Scotland welcoming the creation of “Labour for Independence”, a  pro-Scottish independence group with Labour, Ms McKelvie is writing to Ms Lamont asking her a series of questions about when Labour in Scotland formally decided on their attitude to independence.
SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:
“When have the Labour Party ever had a formal debate and vote on a policy to support the Union and oppose independence?  When did the membership of Labour in Scotland ever get the chance to debate these issues, or vote to be a Unionist party?
“Allowing such a debate would be the democratic and right thing to do now, given that a ‘Labour for Independence’ group has been launched.  Ignoring the wishes and beliefs of their members at grassroots level would seem a very undemocratic and irresponsible position to take.
“Labour’s Richard Baker MSP is exactly right when he says ‘Labour members have the right to bring policy suggestions to conference where they can be debated’.
“I only hope the party leaders agree with him and allow this debate to happen.
“People like Allan Grogan - the Labour party member in Angus who started ‘Labour for Independence’ - are by no means alone.  They are committed Labour people who also see merits of an independent Scotland, and their position should surely be fully and properly debated within Scottish Labour.”

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