Labour must back SNP shovel ready calls

Labour are coming under increasing pressure to support the SNP’s calls for Capital Spending investment from Westminster to assist Scotland’s economic recovery from the UK coalition government’s austerity politics.

Today’s Daily Record editorial column states:

"Alex Salmond is right to call for a £400million cash advance to get his list of 'shovel ready' projects off the ground. And it’s why Labour should back him"

Mark McDonald, SNP MSP for North East Scotland, has written to Richard Baker - Labour in Scotland’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment - urging him to back First Minister Alex Salmond’s calls for shovel ready cash to help move Scotland forward.

Mr McDonald, a member of the Finance Committee, said:

"The interests of the people of Scotland would be best served if Labour backed the SNP’s calls for a cash advance for the shovel ready projects.

"I have written to Mr Baker urging him and his Labour colleagues to help build an unparalleled level of pressure to force the Tory-Lib coalition into another U-turn on their lack of capital spending in Scotland.

"I’m sure this is what grassroots Labour supporters want – their politicians standing up for Scotland and taking a stand against the Tories. I hope that Labour politicians see sense and back our calls for funding for these important projects now.

"We have had several U-turns from the Chancellor since his budget; to call for another is both totally reasonable and entirely possible.

"Although in terms of employment Scotland is outperforming the rest of the UK, it is clear that more direct action from the UK Government is needed in the form of funding for the shovel ready projects.

"The case is that properly targeted and shovel ready projects – with £400million for Scotland – could make a profound difference to the construction industry immediately at this particular time and tackle the problems in Scotland inflicted by UK Government at the present moment."