Jim Murphy must apologise for Hampden blunder

Jim Murphy must apologise to the management and staff at Scotland’s National Stadium and everyone at the SFA following his misleading comments surrounding the Korea flag blunder, an SNP MSP has said today.

Mr Murphy laid the blame – already accepted by London based Games organisers LOCOG – at the feet of Hampden Park in tweet on Thursday morning.

SNP MSP James Dornan, whose constituency of Cathcart covers Hampden, said that that Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary must say sorry immediately.

He said:

"It is astonishing that a senior Labour figure could be so ignorant – 12 hours after the incident after LOCOG have apologised – and ill-informed.

"To say Mr Murphy’s comments are unhelpful would be an understatement in the extreme.

"This balls-up was 100% made by LOCOG -It has to be reiterated that the excellent management and staff of the National Stadium are in no way to blame for this carry-on.

"It would have been better if the authorities at Hampden had been responsible for the arrangements – after all this isn’t LOCOG’s first offence at Hampden.

"It took the intervention of the SNP's Euro MEP Alyn Smith to make Olympic bosses see sense and reverse their daft ban on the Saltire from being flown over Hampden during the Games.

"Everyone I speak to - including my friends at the national stadium - is really excited about the Games, Scotland just wants to get on and enjoy the spectacle."

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