Efforts to promote world World Hepatitis Day

Today (Saturday July 28) is World Hepatitis Day, a key event in ongoing efforts to increase awareness and understanding of Hepatitis. SNP MSP Bob Doris has hailed the efforts of people across the country who are holding events over the course of the day.

Since last year’s World Hepatitis Day, the Scottish Government has launched a joined-up framework for tackling Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, sexual health and HIV. The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework has underlined the Scottish Government’s determination to ensure a more joined up approach to tackling these key public health challenges.

It is estimated that around one in twelve people around the world is affected by either Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

Commenting, SNP MSP Bob Doris who is deputy convener of the Health and Sport Committee said:

“World Hepatitis Day is an important annual event which helps to raise awareness of what people with the virus have to endure.

“It helps to eradicate any stigma attached to the condition and ensure that people take steps to minimise their own risk.

“Many people who have Hepatitis C are unaware that they have the virus as they do not feel symptoms for years, which is why it is so important to improve awareness of Hepatitis. Hopefully the events taking place today will help to encourage people who may be at risk to get themselves tested.

“The SNP Government has worked hard to support people with Hepatitis and ensure that they have the highest quality care possible. A key part of that was the launch of a new framework to ensure that the NHS develops a joined up approach to Hepatitis.

“I applaud the fantastic efforts of everyone who is doing their bit in their local communities to raise awareness of Hepatitis and make a success of World Hepatitis Day.”