Anti-independence is the real coalition

Commenting on reports that the Liberal Democrats and Labour are flirting with the idea of a future coalition SNP MSP Paul Wheelhouse said:

“What a carry-on. The London-centric opposition parties don’t know if they are coming or going when it comes to who they are and aren’t in an alliance with.

“In reality there is nothing to separate the anti-independence parties when it comes to Scotland – the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems are united by their continually offering nothing to Scotland.

“It would be comical if it wasn’t so serious. The people of Scotland deserve so much better than these anti-independence politicians running around like headless chickens. They don’t understand or care about what the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want - the big decisions affecting this country to be made here in Scotland.

“A YouGov poll at the weekend revealed that 62% of those asked believe that the Scottish Government should have the final say over whether nuclear weapons should be based in Scotland. Less than one third trusted the UK Government to make the right choices with nuclear weapons in Scotland.”

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