60% of voters reject status quo

Commenting on the TNS BMRB poll that shows 60 per cent of Scottish voters reject the status quo and favour more powers and independence for Scotland, SNP Campaigns Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“A clear majority of people across Scotland are rejecting the constitutional status quo on offer from the No campaign and choosing a positive change and progress for their country.

“The more people look at the kind of country they want Scotland to be the more they realise the status quo is holding Scotland back. People across Civic Scotland are considering the powers that Scotland needs to have a successful economy and fair society.

“As an independent country we will have the economic levers to create new jobs and the responsibility for welfare to protect the vulnerable – increasing opportunities for our young people to realise their career ambitions. It is only with independence that we can see Trident removed from our shores and the people of Scotland take all the decisions on their future.

“This poll puts further pressure on the anti-independence parties who are offering nothing to Scotland. It follows calls from Labour’s biggest union backers Unite for a more powers option, which is also backed by much of civic Scotland as well as Tory Donor John McGlynn and leading businessmen Sir Tom Farmer and Jim McColl. This simply reinforces the case that the referendum must be made in Scotland, without any Westminster strings attached.

“We have the opportunity to make our nation a better place to live, for this and future generations, and are very confident we can win the Yes case for an independent Scotland in 2014.”