Sturgeon: Cameron meddling in Scottish democracy

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the format and timing of an independence referendum is a matter for the Scottish Government.

The SNP Depute Leader's comments come as reports suggest David Cameron is considering setting a timeframe for a referendum on Scotland's future.

Ms Sturgeon said: "This is a blatant attempt to interfere in the decision that is really one for the Scottish Government in terms of the timing of the referendum and for the Scottish people in terms of the outcome.

"We were elected on the basis of our commitment to have a referendum in the second half of this parliamentary term.

"This is about Westminster seeking to interfere.

"We said very clearly in the election that our immediate priority if elected would be to seek to strengthen the Scotland Bill, currently going through the Westminster Parliament, to give the Scottish Parliament important economic job-creating powers, a referendum on independence in the second half of this parliamentary term.

"The decision on the future of Scotland should be for the Scottish people. That's democracy.

"We have never ruled out a second question to give people in Scotland maximum choice."

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