Miliband continues to look back not forward

Commenting on the speech by Ed Miliband in Scotland today, SNP MSP Bill Kidd said Labour is still failing to present a positive vision for Scotland – instead using out-of-date anti-independence arguments.

Mr Kidd, SNP MSP for Glasgow Anniesland, said:

“Ed Miliband is the least popular Westminster leader in Scotland – his satisfaction ratings have been as low as minus 70 – and the other two are also extremely unpopular. It becomes clear why after his speech, in which he failed yet again to present a positive vision for Scotland’s future.

“The people of Scotland have given Ed and his party a huge thumbs down – more so since they tied themselves in with the Tories and LibDems in the anti-independence camp.

"The attitude of UK leaders like Mr Miliband to Scotland’s ambitions to run our own affairs and take responsibility for our own decisions is just one of the factors holding Labour back in Scotland – and why people such as Glasgow Labour councillor Irfan Rabbani are switching to the SNP.

"While the SNP are delivering a progressive policy agenda – something New Labour signally failed to do at Westminster – perhaps Mr Miliband has forgotten that the welfare reform proposals by the Tory/LibDem government at Westminster right now are the real threat to undo all the recent progress on child poverty.

"How on earth can Mr Miliband reconcile his acknowledgement of that threat without realising that Scotland requires those powers?

“And again, another Westminster politician is so ill-informed in this debate that he doesn’t know NHS Scotland is already independent and was set up under a separate Act.

“He talks about reforming the banks, creating prosperity and tackling inequality – but these are things the Labour party failed to do when it was in government.

“There are two key facts that destroy his case when he comes to Scotland – the Spirit Level book proves that the UK became more unequal on the Labour Party’s watch, and the Cost of Inequality report that shows in 1977 the bottom 60 per cent of wage earners earned 40% of National Income but by 2008 that had dropped to 33%.

“The SNP has been delivering a progressive policy agenda for over four years – ending the tax on ill-health, maintaining free education and free personal care. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband was part of a UK Labour Government which failed to deliver a progressive agenda.

“The SNP is taking Scotland forward – not harking back to old arguments like the Labour Party – and the SNP and independence represent the only alternative to the damage being caused by the Tory/LibDem coalition.”

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