FM leads popularity poll ahead of UK party leaders

In a new low for Labour the latest polls on voter satisfaction show Ed Miliband’s ratings running at minus 70% with 81% of people in Scotland dissatisfied with his performance.

The ratings, from the Scottish section of Yougov poll for the Sunday Times are thought to be the worst leadership ratings for any UK party leader. Alongside Ed Miliband’s rating the latest polls show the leaders of the UK anti-independence parties continuing to struggle in Scotland.

Miliband’s rating of minus 70 puts him below David Cameron on minus 22 and Nick Clegg on minus 59.
All three leaders scored their worst ratings in Scotland.  The performance of the coalition was least satisfactory to people in Scotland as was their handling of the economy with 63% of people in Scotland thinking that theTory / Lib Dem coalition is managing the economy badly.

SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn said:

“This will be devastating for Labour.  Ed Miliband has been struggling to assert his authority and with Labour in Westminster so reliant on Scottish MPs the news that he is less popular than Nick Clegg will be a warning bell for many in Scottish Labour.

“The attitude of UK leaders to Scotland’s ambitions to run our own affairs and take responsibility for our own decisions is just one of the factors holding them back in Scotland.

“It is becoming clearer than ever that the leaders of the UK anti-independence parties do not understand the aims of people in Scotland, are failing to manage the economy in a way that will satisfy people in Scotland and have nothing to offer but negativity.

“First Minister Alex Salmond and the SNP Government are continuing to win the support of the public for our policies in government, our commitment to a referendum and our efforts to improve the economic situation facing households across the country.

“And as the First Minister prepares to announce the details of the referendum on independence later this week and to listen to the views of people across Scotland it might be time for the anti-independence parties to pay close attention to what it is the public wants.”