First Minister meets UK Prime Minister

First Minister Alex Salmond today welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron to Scotland, and urged him to listen to calls for more than one question in the forthcoming referendum.

During the meeting with Mr Cameron at St Andrew’s House, the Scottish Government’s headquarters in Edinburgh, Mr Salmond also pressed the Prime Minister to let the people of Scotland know before the autumn 2014 referendum what additional powers he would be willing to devolve before they vote.

Speaking afterwards, the First Minister said: “I think we are coming to the nub of the issue now.  Basically I think the issue that divides us is that the Prime Minister wants to insist on the Scottish people being asked just a single question in the referendum.  I am determined that we will listen to the voice of civic Scotland, to how they respond to the consultation.

“If people in the unions, the churches and in the voluntary sector in Scotland come forward with a substantive idea that they want to see tested, then politicians should listen to the people.

“The second big development, of course, is that the UK Government is now talking about something else being on the table.  What I said to the Prime Minister is, ‘okay, tell us what it is, give us the details of this proposal’.

“When people vote on independence, they will know what independence is for. They will have a White Paper, they will have a defined proposal from the Scottish Government about an independent future for Scotland. And that means that the anti-independence parties, but particularly the UK Government, have got to bring forward what this other thing is, which apparently now – as of this morning – is on the table.

“I said to the Prime Minister that it is absolutely incumbent on people who suddenly decide that there’s something else on the table, the parties who are opposed to independence, to tell Scotland what that is.”

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