YouGov poll: momentum remains with the SNP and Yes

Commenting on the YouGov poll published in the Scotsman today, an SNP spokesperson said:

“The most recent poll to ask the question that the Scottish Government advocate for the referendum showed that support for independence is 36 per cent, a gap of just 9 points with the Union, and independence is the most popular constitutional option for Scotland – ahead of both more devolved powers and the status quo.

“In terms of this YouGov poll, support for independence is higher than when the SNP won our landslide election victory last year, and the gap with support for the Union has narrowed by 5 points, which is very positive.  We believe that the vast majority of people in Scotland prefer home rule with independence to Tory rule from Westminster, and we are confident of achieving a Yes vote in autumn 2014.

“The poll also shows that SNP support is 9 points higher than in the 2010 Westminster General Election – and the most recent poll to ask about Scottish Parliament voting intentions put the SNP at 47 per cent, even further ahead than in our landslide election victory last May.”



The Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times and Real Radio Scotland surveyed 1,012 adults in Scotland between 11th – 17th July 2012. 


When the three constitutional options are asked alongside each other, independence is the most popular:

Independence: 30%, More devolution: 29%, Status Quo: 28%

Asked about supporting independence on the question: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country”, the figures were:

Yes: 36%, No: 45%, Don’t Know: 20%



Party support breakdowns are as follows (with changes from the May 2011 election in brackets).

Constituency Vote -

SNP: 47% (+2%), Labour: 32% (n/c) Tory: 12% (-2%), LibDem: 6% (-2%)

Regional Vote -

SNP: 46% (+2%), Labour: 28% (2%), Tory: 11% (-1%), LibDem: 4% (-1%), Greens: 6% (2%), Others: 4% (-4%)