UCAS figures more vindication of SNP fee policy

Statistics showing that Scotland is the only part of the UK that has seen a rise in university and college admissions is yet more proof of the importance of free education in Scotland, the SNP has said.

Acceptances to institutions in Scotland are up slightly from the same point last year, while in sharp contrast acceptances to institutions in England have fallen by almost 8% in the space of just one year.
Acceptances to institutions in Wales and Northern Ireland have fallen by 5.1% and 4.5% respectively.

One of the earliest actions of the SNP Government when it first came to power was to scrap backdoor tuition fees, restoring the principle of free education for people in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Marco Biagi – a Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee - said:

“These latest figures show the stark contrast between the huge damage being done by tuition fees south of the border and Scotland’s commitment to free education.

“More and more people are being put off studying at institutions in the rest of the UK and the reason is quite clearly the sky-high tuition fees that students face.

“Access to universities and colleges should be based solely on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay. We are entirely clear on that and I am proud to be part of a party which is so unequivocal in its stance on this.

“Unlike the other parties who break their promises to students once in power, the SNP is the only major party in Scotland never to have voted for tuition fees - and these figures explain why this is so important.

“A skilled, well-educated workforce is essential to economic success and the Tory-led coalition is only storing up huge problems for the UK in future years with its actions.

“Thank goodness that Scotland’s Higher Education is already effectively independent – otherwise Scotland would currently be facing the same devastating decline in applications that the Tories are causing south of the Border.”