Tory Abiraterone misinformation paid by taxpayers


Discredited and factually incorrect Tory leaflets which scaremonger about the lack of availability of Abiraterone, a new treatment for prostate cancer, have been printed and distributed this weekend at the expense of the taxpayer, it has emerged. 

Despite it being nearly a week since the drug’s approval by the Scottish Medicines Consortium – and advice offered to him to withdraw the leaflet run - Tory Health Spokesman Jackson Carlaw MSP’s misinformation is still being pushed through the letterboxes of homes across the West of Scotland. 

Kenneth Gibson MSP, who a constituency walk-about on Saturday morning noticed that the Tory leaflet was still being put through doors by Royal Mail, said he was now taking the matter to the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body.

Mr Gibson said:        

“Despite it being pointed out that his leaflet is both scaremongering and inaccurate, Jackson Carlaw seems determined to keep delivering this scaremongering nonsense, including this weekend – nearly a week after Abiraterone was approved by the Scottish Medicines Consortium.

“The leaflet and its delivery have been paid for by the Parliament as it states: 'The cost of this publication has been met from parliamentary resources.'

“I am writing to the Corporate Body of the Scottish Parliament to complain about the Mr Carlaw’s series of errors over this leaflet and its distribution. He has had ample opportunity to withdraw his leaflet but his persistence to spread mistruths is astonishingly arrogant. 

“Scaremongering and spreading false information is bad enough but the Tories are stooping to new lows if they think for a minute that they can push lies and then expect the taxpayer to pick up the bill.”