SNP welcome commitment to dealing with drug issues


The SNP has welcomed The Scottish Government’s commitment to supporting the recovery of those affected by drug addiction, John Finnie MSP said today.

Mr Finnie, a former serving police officer with the Northern Constabulary, said that despite there being no quick-fix solution to drug related deaths in Scottish society, but that the good work being done now will help reverse the problem which has been escalating for over a decade.

Mr Finnie, a member of the Justice Committee, said:

"Every single one of the 584 lives lost in communities across Scotland due to drugs is a tragedy. I would like to live in Scotland free from the scourge of drugs but we have some way to go before this can be achieved.

“To go forwards we must look back, and we are now in a position where Scotland has a legacy of drug misuse that stretches back decades, creating an upward ten year trend in drug-related deaths, as today's publication underlines.

“No Government has done more to address the legacy and while it will take time to tackle this tragedy. The SNP will continue to invest in and support the recovery of those affected by drugs in Scotland.

“The Road to Recovery - the Scottish Government's national drugs strategy unanimously endorsed by the Scottish Parliament - aims to address the distressing legacy of decades of drugs misuse, the product of which is brought sharply in to focus with today drug-related death figures.”



The Scottish Government is investing £28.6m for front-line drug treatment and recovery services in 2012/13 - an investment which represents an increase of over 20 per cent since 2006/07.

The Scottish Government are bringing waiting times for treatment down and are on course to achieve a maximum of three weeks by 2013.

The Scottish Government are achieving a commitment to offer long term supported recovery to all who need it - a commitment which has seen 15,000 people coming in to treatment in 2011/12, bringing the total to more than 40,000 since 2007.

The General Records of Scotland statistics can be found here.