Sky-High islands fuel making a mockery of Treasury

The revelation that motorists in Shetland can expect to pay a staggering 145.9p at the pump has made a mockery of the UK Government’s claims to be taking action on rural fuel prices.

The price faced in Shetland is 16p a litre more than the cheapest price in the UK, a difference that adds significantly to the financial challenges faced by people in remote areas.

As well as campaigning for a Fuel Duty Regulator which would see fuel duty reduced in line with the extra money brought into the Treasury by rising oil prices, the SNP has been at the forefront of the fight to secure a better deal for motorists in remote areas.

Road users in remote areas have to travel longer distances and do not have access to extensive public transport which means that high fuel prices have a disproportionate impact on household budgets.

Commenting, SNP MSP Jean Urquhart said:

“These figures will come as no surprise to people living on Shetland, and they make a mockery of the UK Government’s claims to be trying to help people in remote areas.

“They’ve repeatedly voted against SNP attempts to rein in fuel prices and as long as we’re at the mercy of a disinterested Westminster Government, this postcode lottery situation will just get worse and worse.

“It seems that they either do not understand or simply do not care just how much difficulty sky high fuel prices causes to people in remote areas.

“In areas where public transport is simply not an option, driving is unavoidable. People in urban areas can save money by driving less, but people in remote areas are forced to take the financial hit.

“The continued failure of the UK Government to get a grip on this problem shows why it would be far better for decisions over fuel duties to be made by a Scottish Parliament, 100% elected by people in Scotland.”