Scottish support for wind power outstrips UK

Analysis of a recent poll on energy reveals that support for wind power runs higher amongst Scottish respondents than those from any other part of the UK.

The Yougov poll found that 70% of Scottish respondents believe that wind power has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions.

These figures were substantially higher than those responding from every other part of the UK, underlining the determination of people in Scotland to grasp the opportunities offered by renewable energy.

Meanwhile 61% of people in Scotland believe that wind farms are a viable source of green energy. A majority also believed that the benefit of wind turbines outweighed any negative impacts from their appearance or noise.

The poll follows a recent Panelbase poll which demonstrated that a majority of people in Scotland support the SNP Government’s target to generate the equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s electricity demand from renewables by 2020.

Commenting, Highlands SNP MSP Mike MacKenzie - who sits on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee - said:

“The fact that the support for wind energy is markedly higher in Scotland is a clear confirmation that the Scottish Government’s ambitious targets enjoy widespread support across the country.

“The SNP Government has a clear vision for our country and seizing the opportunities for jobs and investment that wind power offers us is a key part of it.

“These figures show that people across Scotland share that vision, and clearly confirms a recent opinion poll that put support for the SNP at a fantastic 47%.

“As well as the obvious role that wind energy has in reducing our carbon emissions, people are extremely enthusiastic about the thousands of jobs the industry is already bringing to Scotland.

"Our record of leadership on this issue is a clear demonstration of the kind of things that can be achieved when decisions are made in Scotland, by people 100% elected by people in Scotland."